BlueClay Architects & Associates is an establishment practicing architecture & urban design to positively shape the culture, commerce and people’s life through pioneering solutions for built environment.

As an architecture firm, they have gained valuable expertise as luxury residential architects in Kerala in a very short time by satisfactorily delivering success by deeply involving in all aspects of Project Delivery from Conceptual Design, Development, Programming to Project Management.




Ramshad P


Projects Director 

Civil Engineer with the responsibility of management of the team. His

competence is in producing
tangible and realistic solutions. Coupled with 8 years of experience in the field of Construction Management, Mr. Ramshad has proven his worth in the industry by associating with various builders in the state.

Ramshad P

bw Prasoon.jpg

Prasoon G Das


Chief Architect

Architect and Urban Designer based in Kerala. His passion for architecture and technology alike makes  him unique in his approach towards every project. With his research background in aesthetics, and Masters in Urban Design, his works are fueled by his understanding of visual beauty as a direct result of the urban setting. He considers himself a forever student, eager to build on his academic interests as Visiting Faculty at National Institute of Technology, Calicut and other private colleges.

AIIA, AUID, M.Urban Design


Prasoon G Das

shahith bw.jpg

Shahith TV


Managing Director

Interior Designer and Civil Engineer with professional experience of 7
years in the field with wide knowledge of materials in design and the skill
to handle large projects. 

Shahith TV

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